They say he’s too pretty for the grocery store, but appearances don’t determine one’s work abilities

It’s intriguing to consider whether someone may be “too handsome” for a position.

While it may seem odd to link a person’s physical attributes to their professional ability, aesthetics can sometimes be important.

To be clear, a person’s fitness for a job should primarily be determined by their capacity to carry out the necessary duties.

Take Eren Yilmaz, a Turkish grocery employee who is youthful and attractive.

Many clients come into the business expressly to catch a glance of Eren or strike up a discussion because of how attractive he is.

Eren has taken advantage of his unexpected success by posting funny videos of himself and his coworkers singing and dancing at work on social media.

They say he's too pretty for the grocery store, but appearances don't determine one's work abilities

What began as a humorous project has developed into a benefit for the supermarket.

Eren’s presence has become a valuable asset for the company thanks to the increased foot traffic and improved revenue.

People who watch his videos send comments expressing a wish to visit the business and even work there with him.

Eren has become the subject of debates on the internet regarding whether he should stay in his position or pursue other professional opportunities.

Even while some could contend that Eren’s good looks would be more appropriate for another line of work, it’s crucial to appreciate his decision.

Beyond receiving unimportant comments, Eren finds contentment in his profession and actually enjoys his career.

They say he's too pretty for the grocery store, but appearances don't determine one's work abilities

He doesn’t see any reason to quit a job he enjoys just because some people think it’s a “waste” of his appearance.

Eren is the one who will decide in the end.

He ought to be encouraged in his decision if he still finds fulfillment and joy in his profession.

After all, a person’s commitment, abilities, and value to the company are the key indicators of whether or not they are a good fit for a position.

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