“Years Are Nothing To Her!” 72-Year-Old Star Struck A Photo In A Corset

That Friday from my favorite movie turned 72? I can not believe it. Zeudi Araya seemed to have forgotten how to get older. It is difficult to imagine that the actress is well over 50 looking at the actress’s most recent images.

In the comments section of the woman’s post, fans of the venerable movie analyzed Arai’s photograph.

The actress is seen posing in the latest images wearing a long dress and a corset. What do you consume? How is this possible?, “She was and is a beauty,” “How beautifully she aged,” “Sorry, but you haven’t changed at all in 30 years,” and “How is this possible?”

Really, you avoided having plastic surgery?, I wish I could age like that or look the same as she does. Our stars are dozing out. “Refuse to age if I don’t look like her,” “How worthily she has aged,”
I saw the caption, “Even at 72 she is beautiful,” next to the actress’s most recent images. Post your comments about this article below.

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