“You Stole My Heart!” Kourtney Kardashian’s Husband Showed An Intimate Photo In Bed In Honor Of Her 44th Birthday

44 years old is Kourtney. Her husband, musician Travis Barker, praised Kim Kardashian, one of the first older sisters. The “Blink-182” drummer unveiled a collection of lovebird photos with the event’s leading man. The couple held hands and gazed deeply into each other’s eyes in the majority of them.

Additionally, the rock star displayed a private photo of Kourtney. The couple posed while lying in bed. Barker photographed his wife as she dozed off on his shoulder. The 47-year-old musician was seen in one photo wearing a skimpy attire and baring her buttocks. The famous mother of many kids tried on heart-shaped neckline pants, which required her to remove her underwear.

Barker turned to the chosen one with emotion. “I am glad that you were born, my soul mate. Everything your heart desires is yours to have. Your smile is the only thing that makes me happy. The instant we met, you captured my heart. Happy birthday to the most stunning and incredible human being. The rocker declared, “My wife, I adore you.

The “Kardashian Family” actress also declared her affection for the selected person. Because you make me so happy, I’m crying. My husband and I love you,” Kourtney retorted.

Spicy images are being actively discussed by fans of the celebrity family. It’s time for you to launch your own reality show, “I love photos of Kourtney without filters,” “Where does she get these pants from,” and “Very passionate!” “How nice! “, “The proper way to congratulate the woman you love,” She sleeps on your shoulder”, “This is the sexual objectification of her body,” the people commented.

Recently, Kourtney and Travis marked their one wedding anniversary. Rare video of the couple’s Las Vegas wedding ceremony was made public by the pair.

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