Donna Mills Became a Mom At 54: What Does Her 28-Year-Old Daughter Look Like Today?

Donna Mills has consistently put her career first. The well-known actress turned 50 without a husband or kids since she never had time for anything else.

Donna felt ready to become a mother at that time in her life, but it wasn’t a natural process for her. She therefore made a daring choice. She made the decision to adopt a girl and took time off from her job to focus solely on the infant.

Her family and friends didn’t support her decision because they believed she was too old to handle such responsibilities.

Despite her reservations, Donna stuck to her plan and never looked back.

She accepted the responsibility of raising a newborn child in foster care. She took a whopping 18 years off from employment to devote herself to being a mother. She was able to resume her career despite her advanced age since she looked wonderful in the role of “young mother.”

Adopted daughter of Donna is now 28 years old. They interact as close friends would and have a great bond.

Donna has no regrets about her decision and thinks it was exactly the right one. What are your thoughts on having children later in life? Post your thoughts in the comments section.

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