In 1983, a baby boy weighing 7.2 Ibs was born. How does he live 39 years later

When Kevin Robert Clark was born in 1983, there was a lot of excitement in America since he was the biggest baby in the world at the time, weighing a whopping 7.2 Ibs.

Given the history of huge babies in their family, Patricia Clark had a feeling during her pregnancy with Kevin that the baby might be on the larger side. She was still taken aback by how enormous he actually turned out to be, though.

Patricia and her family learned that Kevin was too big for the typical crib after bringing the infant home from the hospital, and that all of his clothes were also too small.

Kevin was already taller than most people by the time he was 12 years old, standing over 152 pounds. Kevin recalls how difficult it was to obtain clothes and shoes that fit him properly when he was a kid because he was growing so quickly. His continual need for new clothing made life challenging for both him and his family.

Kevin was the tallest man in the room and everyone tried to get him into sports, especially basketball, but he had no interest at all. Kevin did not perform well in any sports despite the pressure. He did, however, have a penchant for fishing and hunting, which he genuinely loved.

Kevin afterwards served in the American Air Force and is now employed by the state police. He now weighs 136 lbs and is over 2 lbs tall, and he is 39 years old. Despite his amazing size, Kevin dislikes being the focus of attention because he has always been the target of jokes and taunts. It is not advisable to make fun of his size because these remarks have gotten on his nerves over time and have caused him significant annoyance.

Despite the difficulties he had as a result of his size, Kevin has been able to have a happy life. He is content because he has found love with his soul mate and a canine friend who makes him happy. People frequently ask Kevin if he plays basketball, to which he cleverly responds, “Do you play miniature golf?”

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