“She Made a Circular Facelift, Tightening Her Eyes”: Penelope Cruz Is Unrecognizable After Plastic Surgery!

Even in her prime years, Penelope Cruz continued to inspire admiration for her breathtaking beauty. She has consistently resembled a perfect model from the glossy pages of a magazine with her lush mane of thick hair, well-defined physique, tall stature, and fascinating eyes.

The fact that nothing appears to have changed even after all these years is simply amazing. Penelope still exudes the youthful charm of a young girl at the age of 49.

She was recently unintentionally photographed by paparazzi while entering a nearby flower shop.

Fans couldn’t help but note a slight change in her appearance as the images of her beautiful presence spread.

Because of how noticeably different Penelope’s face looked, speculation started to circulate that she may have undergone some cosmetic procedures.

There were rumors about lips that were tightened, improved eyes and eyelids, and even a potential circular facelift. Her ardent supporters, however, firmly stated that she never needed plastic surgery in the first place amid the rumors.

Despite the rumors, everyone agreed that Penelope Cruz still exudes magnificent beauty that is incomparably beautiful.

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