“They Are So Natural And Real”: What Do Our Favorite Stars Look Like Without Makeup?

Our idols typically have perfect, wrinkle-free features when they appear on stage or television. Celebrities, though, don’t often appear to be that flawless in real life. Before leaving the house, they rely on makeup artists to improve their appearance. However, occasionally, paparazzi are able to photograph them without makeup.

Here is a gallery of images showing famous people from around the world without makeup. While some celebrities may prefer to avoid being seen in public without makeup on, others may still look great even without it.

Eva Longoria

Natalie Portman


Emilia Clarke

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Alba

Angelina Jolie

Olivia Wilde

Britney Spears

Scarlett Johansson

Your opinion of the article? Who do you believe has a better natural appearance?

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