Brie, who has lost weight from stress, showed a hot dance on the video

Brie performed a sexy dance in the video despite having lost weight due to stress.

With fresh photos, Britney Spears has delighted her followers. The singer filmed her exercise session. Despite the fact that she is a patient at a mental health facility, the artist demonstrated that everything is well with her.

To the music, Britney works out with dumbbells and a ball before doing a sensual dance. The singer is dressed in a black sweatshirt, a yellow bra, and colorful sneakers.

Spears acknowledged that she lost weight as a result of stress in the caption. “Never would have imagined that worry would cause a weight loss of more than two kilograms. “Hurrah” to me,” the artist stated.

The actress is back in shape and looks fantastic, according to fans. Some subscribers, however, think that this video is outdated. “She wasn’t as fit and tanned as she appeared in press pictures,”

Users commented, “You always look great”, “Does anyone really believe she posted this herself?” “She posts the video after asking for privacy?” and “Stay strong, beauty!”

Additionally, fresh images of Britney were posted online. When the celebrity went for a walk, the paparazzi took pictures of her. The singer emerged from a building wearing sunglasses and a white minidress.

She had previously gone on a date with her boyfriend Sam Asgari, 25. Due to worries for her ailing father, who has already undergone three operations over the past six months, Britney Spears wound up in the clinic. Fans of the celebrity thought that she was being forcibly confined in the facility.

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