Cut out on the buttоcks! Julia in a shосking dress in Italy

Stop with the buttocks! Julia wearing an outrageous dress in Italy

Julia Fox was invited to attend a special fashion-related event. The clothing the model wore was provocative.

The venerable Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence served as the venue for a celebration of the classic fashions of the previous 50 years. Just after dusk, the outside performance began. Fashions from the 1970s punk rock movement to the 1980s sportswear, the 1990s minimalism, and the 2000s glamour were displayed on models.

Julia performed a fantasy walk on the catwalk. The red feather accents and hypertrophied hips of the red latex dress gave off an initially provocative vibe.

But as soon as the model turned around, the “degree” rose: the spicy cut made Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend’s underwear exposed.

Julia’s unusual makeup featured a phoenix-like pattern on her face as the finishing note in her vibrant ensemble. Fox wore black lace-up platform shoes and carried a little matching bag in her hands.

Bloggers could not avoid talking about the star’s daring escape. “High fashion is that,” “A fresh look at the back view,” and similar phrases.

“Dress with a delicious secret,” “Very odd and shockingly not gone,” and “Why paint your face that way? That’s a drawback to this, they noted online.

Pictures of Julia Fox recently went viral online, giving bloggers a glimpse of the model’s appearance prior to meeting her ex-husband Kim Kardashian. She stopped using provocations at that point and started favoring tracksuits instead.

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