Exactly the same tragedy! Cameron called the cause of the catastrоphe bathyscaphe

The same tragedy occurred! Cameron identified the disaster’s root cause. bathyscaphe

The parallelism between the two stories horrifies the director.

James Cameron has helmed a number of well-known blockbusters. One of them has Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in a Titanic sinking disaster movie. In order to replicate the sunken liner’s appearance in his photograph, Cameron personally descended to it several times.

He saw the ship so frequently that, in his estimation, he spent more time there that fateful evening than his skipper did. Cameron, however, could not help but participate in the discussion because the tale of the bathyscaphe “Titan” so appalled him.

The bathyscaphe was referred to by the director as a toy for grownups, despite several engineers being aware of its risky use. They spoke with the business and warned them against using it. But nobody in the company paid attention to their suggestions.

And now, precisely the same tragedy—where the warnings went unheeded—is playing out. In the same location, too!” According to Cameron on ABCNews.

On June 18, “Titan” stopped communicating. Five visitors who wanted to see the ship that sank in 1912 were inside. Three days later, 500 meters from the Titanic’s position at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, the bathyscaphe’s wreckage was found.

Experts think that pressure at depth caused the gadget to blow inward. Because the wife of the business owner is descended from an old couple who perished on the Titanic, conspiracy theorists think that a curse of some type is to blame. She appeared in a James Cameron movie as well.

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