Hot kitty! Brit in a biкini on the beach showed off her flexibility

Cool cat! Brit displayed her flexibility while wearing a bikini on the beach.

The 38-year-old Britney Spears (Britney Spears) blended yoga sessions with a beach vacation. The performer displayed a mobile body.

The artist appreciates summertime. The ex-pop princess visited a beach. The singer mixed work with pleasure there. In addition to swimming in the sea and tanning, Britney practiced yoga.

She put on a bikini and a safety mask, bunned her hair, and started doing different asanas.

The blonde on the beach took a plank position, stretched her back and legs, and stood up in the “cobra” and “downward-facing dog” positions. Spears dedicated herself completely to training on the white sand, unaffected by the onlookers.

Fans were thrilled with the star’s antics and her physical appearance. This is willpower! Good body! You still look stunning even without a stage! This is your flexibility! Sexy kitty bends! I admire you, Brit. I’m too lazy to do it myself,” the followers observed.

The public is concerned about the artist’s mental health. Britney’s eldest son is of the opinion that she won’t perform again.

Britney and her young lover Sam Asgari rode bicycles along the seaside the day before. Fans are pleading with the adored singer to look after her. A flash mob was started online to call for the release of a celebrity who was being held captive.

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