Jenn displays a private tattoo honoring Ben! That’s love

Jenn displays a private tattoo honoring Ben! That’s love.

The type of couple that never holds back from expressing their emotions in front of the world is Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. It appears that their connection is characterized by love and understanding on both sides.

The duo even created paired infinity signs tattoos with their names on them. J. Lo rarely displays drawings, but recently did so while filming for Revolve.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are the kind of people who don’t hold back while expressing their feelings in front of others. Their relationship seems to be governed by love and respect for one another.

The pair even got matching infinity symbols with their names on them tattooed on their bodies. J. Lo seldom shows off her doodles, but she did recently when filming Revolve.

The singer was photographed wearing a multicolored midi dress with an open back and sparkling green heeled sandals in one of the shots. She received a stunning makeover from the makeup experts, and the stylists straightened her hair. Of course, the tattoo under the star’s chest caught Internet users’ attention right away.

Recall that J. Lo wed Ben Affleck last summer. They organized a lavish party with their loved ones after signing discreetly in Las Vegas. The occasion was obviously private. The couple barred visitors from taking photos and videos of the ceremony using their phones and posting them online.

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