Jenn meets summer in the most relevant way! The black biкini says it all perfectly

The most appropriate way for Jenn to meet Summer! The all-inclusive black biкini says it best.

The ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ lead actress looked lovely as she saluted on a boat’s deck and snapped a bikini shot to mark the arrival of summer.

In order to start the summer, Jennifer Connelly released a gorgeous swimsuit photo that piqued fans’ interest. On Wednesday, June 21, the 52-year-old Oscar winner posted a sexy image of herself wearing a tiny black two-piece on Instagram.

Happy first day of summer, Jennifer wrote in the photo’s caption, which she took while saluting from the deck of a boat.

The Top Gun: Maverick actress received a few supportive responses from her famous friends. Well, that’s quite sexy, couldn’t help but write Chelsea Handler.

While Jennifer is a living Hollywood icon thanks to her roles in the 1991 romantic comedy Career Opportunities, the 2000 heartbreaking addiction drama Requiem for a Dream, and the 1986 cult masterpiece Labyrinth,

With the 2022 release of Top Gun: Maverick, in which she portrays Tom Cruise’s love interest in the follow-up to the 1986 hit, she gained a brand-new fan base.

She’s even willing to work on a second installment of the box office hit. She told ScreenRant, “Of course I’m interested. “I’ll be there if they want me. I had previously collaborated with director Joe Kosinski on the movie Only The Brave, so I was ecstatic when he contacted.

Given that Jennifer’s personal life is just as successful as her career in Hollywood, I was excited to work with him. She shares two great children, Stellan and Agnes, with British actor Paul Bettany, as well as an excellent son, Kai, age 24, with photographer David Dugan.

Who swooped in to propose to Jennifer shortly after they first met while filming on A Beautiful Mind (Ron Howard’s film for which Jennifer later won the Best Supporting Actress Award).

They have worked together on numerous projects since A Beautiful Mind, including as the 2015 movie Shelter, which Paul directed, and the 2009 play about Charles Darwin, Creation. The lovely pair wed in Scotland in a low-key ceremony in 2003.

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