Lauren pose in a black biкini for vacation selfies aboard Jeff’s $500 million yacht: photos

The author and philanthropist cruised around Portofino aboard her fiancé’s yacht while enjoying the sun in a gorgeous bathing suit.

On Saturday, June 17, Lauren Sanchez unwinded on the deck of her rumored fiancé Jeff Bezos’ $500 million boat.

The 53-year-old journalist in Portofino, Italy, made the most of the pleasant weather by posting a few provocative selfies on board. She was seen having fun and striking poses in the most recent photos, which you can view here thanks to Page Six.

Lauren smiled broadly as she posed for selfies on the ship’s deck, looking like she was having a fantastic time.

She wore bottoms and a tiny, square bikini top. The journalist was also sporting a massive pair of aviator sunglasses. In several of the pictures, she was seen looking over the side of the deck from the yacht while donning a sheer black skirt.

Nearly a month after it was made public that she and the 59-year-old CEO of Amazon had gotten engaged after dating for five years, Lauren was seen shooting pictures on the deck.

On her finger, the former TV anchor was seen sporting a massive 20-carat diamond ring. Page Six said that the millionaire had proposed, even though Sarah and Jeff haven’t yet announced their engagement.

Since it was revealed that Lauren and Jeff were engaged, they have been on a romantic trip along the Italian coast.

While on vacation, the vice chair of the Bezos Earth Fund was pictured wearing a black crop top among other lovely clothes. She was seen interacting with him and his kids earlier in the trip.

Although Jeff and Lauren have been secretly dating for two years, they seldom ever talk about it.

The former anchor talked about their personal lives in an interview with The Wall Street Journal in January, including a little-known fact about the founder of Amazon. He can be foolish, she admitted, adding, “He never fails to make me laugh.

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