Miranda undrеssed in the bathroom, and Charlotte appeared tоpless! the first shots of the long-awaited sequel appeared

In the restroom, Miranda took off her clothes, leaving Charlotte topless. the first images from the eagerly anticipated sequel

The acclaimed comedy’s ex-girlfriends reunited in the series “And just like that…” Bed scenes abound in the first few episodes of the “Sex and the City” sequel.

The first two episodes of “And just like that…”, a follow-up to the series “Sex and the City” and two of its film sequels, were viewed by fans of the cult project today.

The HBO Max streaming service hosted the premiere. The audience was taken aback by the heroines’ excessive nudity and risk-taking behavior.

In the first episode, Charlotte York Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis), Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon), and Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) had to get undressed in front of the cameras.

Miranda was caught engaging in intense sex both in bed and in a hot tub, first in New York and later in Los Angeles. In the bedroom, she also posed in fishnet underwear. During their sexual encounters, Charlotte seemed to be braless.

It was made known that Carrie had an affair with Franklin, the podcast producer she had kissed in the first season finale. The following morning, Charlotte pays Carrie an unexpected visit and runs into Franklin.

She and the steel pals press Carrie for all the information, but Carrie maintains that their relationship is private.

Franklin asks Carrie to supper after finishing a podcast because the widower fears their bond might call for more. Carrie consults her pals for advice on how to keep her relationship with Franklin strictly sexual and away from dinner dates.

Until she learns that her outfit is incomplete, save for a cape, on the day of the Met Gala, Carrie is still unsure of what to do with her romance. Frustrated, she decides to meet the producer “on Thursdays” for only sex.

This arrangement totally meets the man’s needs, so he records it in his phone as “on Thursdays”. In order to prevent her presentation at the Met Gala from turning into a total fiasco, the protagonist of Sarah Jessica Parker is attempting to rush the designer.

In the end, she devises the ideal scheme and retrieves the dress and feathery veil she wore to wed Big, according to the Daily Mail.

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