Rihanna appeared in a spectacular transparent dress and clearly hinted at what month of pregnancy she is

In a stunning translucent dress, Rihanna made an appearance and gave away her current pregnant month.

We still speak highly of the singer’s performance more than four months after her literally epoch-making revelation of her pregnancy at the Super Bowl 2023.

And it appears that our website will soon provide news under the cover phrase “Rihanna gave birth to her second child.”

The day before, the vocalist from the band A$AP Rocky made an appearance at the Cannes Lions international festival of creativity, making a very clear and magnificent clue about the impending family restock.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s vintage mesh dress from 2001 is complimented by understated earrings and understated heeled sandals on Rihanna, who gambled wisely on black.

The singer chose to wear multicolored underwear that was completely covered in sequins underneath the bottom of her dress as another way to style the current transparent item in the piggy bank.

The singer is unmistakably in her eighth (or even ninth) month based on the footage above. And indeed, to our delight, everything is still beating stylishly to its position. It makes sense why they devoted an entire section to the way Rihanna turned pregnancy into the primary celeb trend.

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