The 70 yearold first lady of France wore a too short dress to an official reception – it looks intimidating

The first lady of France, 70, appeared frightening in a too-short dress during a formal reception.

Brigitte Macron, a self-assured 70-year-old woman with a youthful husband, enables herself to dress in clothes that some women their age—even in their 20s and 30s—would feel ashamed to wear.

All the precepts of French women, who believe that aging is lovely and doesn’t require cosmetic enhancements, are broken by the first lady of France. Brigitte is renowned for her passion for cosmetic surgery and aesthetic cosmetology, among other things.

Brigitte divorced her first husband, André-Louis Auzière, the father of their three children, in 2006 for Emmanuel’s sake, and in 2007, she wed her former pupil. The future Miss Macron taught acting and writing at the school where the pair first met.

Many people expressed surprise and disapproval at such a union. However, there are also others who are in favor of the age gap. They assert that Madame Macron has a great deal of life experience and knowledge, and that she knows how to interact and act around her chosen one.

Many doubts are also raised by the president’s wife’s 70-year-old fashion sense. Brigitte is accused of daring to wear short skirts to the envy of others in an effort to appear younger than her years.

For instance, her most recent appearance in a white dress and beige pumps sparked a wave of fresh criticism of Macron’s physical health.

Others continue to argue that she is merely a Barbie doll with “bumpy knees” and styling that makes her appear like a “giant lollipop,” despite the fact that some people view her as an inspiration.

The first lady of France often remarks in interviews, “I like to wear miniskirts because they make me feel free, and to heck with any bad comments about my limbs – at least they are still in functioning order.

Perhaps Brigitte, at her elderly age, finds such a length acceptable, but the general public does not.

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