On the street, a thinner Salma with a torn skirt was seen. Mixed feelings were felt about the star

On the street, a thinner Salma with a torn skirt was seen. Mixed reactions were sparked by the star.

Salma Hayek keeps experimenting with her appearance. The Hollywood icon has maintained essentially the same look for decades. Salma avoided contemporary clothing in favor of feminine attire with a deep neckline and a timeless cut.

Because of this, Hayek was never seen as a fashion icon, although she did inspire curvy girls. Salma, whose breasts are still developing, demonstrated by her own example that a huge bust is not a sign of weakness but rather of dignity.

The neckline and waist are the only areas of the Hollywood beauty’s attire that are highlighted, including dresses and bikinis. Particularly after stars lose weight.

The actress decided to gently update her look by adding some current accents. Salma’s exit to the crowd was therefore captured on camera. The Hollywood diva donned high-heeled clogs that looked like they were from the 1990s, a “torn” maxi skirt, a tight T-shirt, and an oversized jacket.

Black sunglasses and a large purse from the Balenciaga brand with sharp corners completed the all-black ensemble.
Salma had a striking appearance, but many of her admirers were perplexed by the way her skirt was cut into thin strips.

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