This insսlting nickname Salma was awarded by classmates – and remained in the cold

Salma was given the insulting moniker by her classmates, and it stuck in the cold.

Salma Hayek is renowned for her sense of humor, and the actress doesn’t hold back when discussing uncomfortable circumstances. Salma was questioned by James Corden on a Late Late Show episode about her nick name as a child.

The actress has a lengthy anecdote to share on this subject. Salma continued to be angular and flat while the other girls entered puberty and began to take on feminine forms, according to Hayek, who acknowledged that she was the youngest in her class.

Of course, Salma’s male classmates took advantage of the opportunity to tease her. She started going by the name la nadadora, which means “swimmer” in Spanish. The fact that Salma didn’t yet have breasts was more than obvious given that the word nada also means “nothing.”

Of course, Salma was the target of jokes from the boys’ classmates. They started calling her la nadadora, which is Spanish for “swimmer”. But the word “nada” also refers to “nothing,”

Therefore, the fact that Salma lacked breasts was more than just a suggestion.The kitty is hidden, but you’ll find it in ten seconds! Your visual skills will be put to the test by this challenging photo puzzle!

These rude folks would smear ashes on their heads now!

Hayek jokingly said, “You bet they would take it back now.”

After all, the seductive actress is now only recognized for her amazing physique and huge breasts.

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