“Beautiful in any way:” Plump Selena Gomez put on a tight dress, showing folds at the waist

The well-known American artist S. Gomez once again demonstrates that she is unconcerned with talk of extra weight and wears tight clothing without fuss.


At one of the recent occasions, the star arrived dressed in a form-fitting, glittery garment that showcased both her strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, a neckline with folds could be seen from the side of the dress, indicating that Selena had gained weight.

Gomez exuded confidence and was gorgeous, and she had a beaming smile that suggested her excess weight had no bearing on her.

The performer’s followers described her as “a wonderful girl,” “she is chic in any appearance,” and “perfect, no matter what.”

However, not everyone was able to accept Selena’s new look. For instance, many individuals urged celebrities to consider dieting and sculpting their bodies to fit into such clothing.

What do you think about the way Gomez looks?

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