Brad Pitt is so in love with her that he would get married to her as soon as the chance arises

In September 2016, the former couple’s divorce proceedings began, and the entire world followed their progress. The acquired property is still a point of contention between the ex-spouses today. The actor still considers getting married again despite having such a horrific experience.


According to rumors, he is currently dating a woman and wants to propose to her since he is so in love with her. But not any time soon. According to people in his entourage who spoke to journalists for Us Weekly lately, he is certain that he is in love with this woman.

Although their relationship is still relatively new, he is confident that it will endure. Despite his busy production schedule, the couple reportedly spends almost all of their leisure time together. Keep in mind that the actress has been the subject of numerous Internet allegations regarding her unstable nature.

He met his new girlfriend in November of last year, and they started dating. They’ve already been photographed together numerous times by the press. Additionally, he was able to introduce Ramon to the bulk of his children, according to sources.

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