How 55-year-old Matt Leblanc, who just divorced his partner, seems today: Joey is not the same

Every actor who has ever appeared in an episode of “Friends” on television is well-known. As a result, the actor who played the charming Joe won the hearts of numerous millions of women worldwide. Even though he didn’t have as many lucrative parts after that, the actor still has a large following.


The other day, he was seen walking for the first time in a long time by the paparazzi. The actor was spotted out on a stroll with friends while maintaining a relaxed appearance. The Daily Mail’s opinion writers connected this to the fact that he recently broke up with his girlfriend.

Reporters claim that the gap occurred in 2020. Their relationship was at its height. In 2020, everything was over. He thought this was an extremely difficult test.

Baseball cap, t-shirt, and sweatpants: “I think that’s exactly how Tribbiani would have looked.” Furthermore, “At his age, he can afford to look the way he wants.” Is there a new dress code in effect here?, Web users comment, “At this point, he really takes on the persona of Joe.”

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