In this family, babies are born immediately with a hairstyle

Babies are often either born hairless or with sparse amounts of hair on their heads. However, there is one family in the UK whose newborns actually have a shock of hair.


At first look, the Shelton family appears to be one of Northampton’s most common families. However, they quickly rose to fame not only in their hometown but also throughout the British Isles.

Shelton’s two kids, George and Stanley, were born with thick, long hair on their heads, which is a very unique characteristic.

The physicians had to ask for scissors in the delivery room when the eldest son, George, was delivered. After all, the infant’s hair reached the tip of his nose and totally hid his eyes. The most intriguing aspect, however, was how quickly his hair was growing. George was sliced three times in the first six months of his life.

The child, however, truly disliked getting a haircut. The barber was so shocked when she brought the youngster in for the first time that she requested if she might take a photo of him. She had never observed young children with hair that long.

George had a brother when he was four years old. What do you think, then? The young Stanley had a lot of hair as well. And when he was two months old, his hair began to grow straight and just vertically.

According to the family’s father, “it feels like he was electrocuted.” In order to help the infant calm down, mom must use gel to style the child’s hair. It’s improbable that the youngster will ever be able to wear a hat. His mother makes a joke about how she can’t hold onto his head.

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