It was announced the dеаth of Angie! All in mоurning

The news of Angie’s death was released! All are mourning.

On social media, news of Angelina Jolie’s passing spread. The shocking news was displayed alongside a picture of the actress’s tearful relatives.
However, let’s hurry to reassure the star’s followers that it turned out to be a new, ominous pattern.

Americans who wish to boost the popularity of their accounts on Facebook hype up celebrity deaths. Several publics simultaneously published the same statement last week:

“Our cherished actress Angelina Jolie passed away on Sunday, April 23, 2023, at approximately 11 a.m. ET.”

The post has a picture attached to it. The Jolie family is seen supposedly knelt before the casket and sobbed in the photo. In reality, the frame is only a screenshot of an unidentified person taken from the Internet.

The first such promotion strategy was chosen to test out an American website about stars; the concept was quickly adopted in social media. Users who disagreed with Angelina’s death started to criticize these publications.

And shortly after, justice was done. Records about the ex-wife of Brad Pitt’s passing have already been removed.

Notably, the actress shone at a reception at the White House while the thieves were trying to profit extra on Jolie’s passing. Along with US President Joe Biden, Angelina attended a gala dinner.

Her son Maddox was with the Hollywood actor. Jolie showed up for the event wearing a vintage white Chanel blazer. She covered a white dress with it. The actress was in a good mood that day and nothing could ruin it.

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