She gave birth her son despite all the warnings: What does the son of the unusual couple look like now

Internet users became interested in Artem and Daria after they posted images of their heir. Dasha, in contrast to her chosen one, is a full-grown healthy girl. Due to the fact that Artem is an engaging conversationalist and a good spouse, our story’s heroine revealed to the audience that she never paid attention to the physical characteristics of her husband.


After the birth of her son, Dasha encountered confusion from the viewers, who believed that Daria had fathered the child by means of a different man, as the infant would not have acquired his father’s looks otherwise. Internet users are reassured by the girl that her spouse is the child’s biological father.

Artem and Daria post images on Instagram to update their followers on their lives despite the hostility on the internet. It’s important to note that the man doesn’t just sit around. Artem works from home.

A young man works as a programmer to provide for his wife and young son. There is just one thing left to do: wish this great pair patience and happiness.

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