Swollen and with a protruding belly: what does Kourtney Kardashian look like when she thinks that no one sees her

Along with her sisters, Kourtney Kardashian consistently exhibits radiant pictures and flawless figure. Open the American TV star’s social media accounts, and you’ll see that everything about her is wonderful. The 43-year-old Kourtney’s smooth face, lack of wrinkles, and toned, thin form only elicit pleasant feelings from those who see her pictures.


Nearly every girl says she wants to seem as opulent as Courtney, and they all try to imitate her costly looks. Only seductive dresses, crop tops, and minis are in Kardashian’s wardrobe. Furthermore, very fashionable and stylish.

Here are merely Courtney’s pictures and appearance, which are completely different from what is shown on her social media accounts. The entrepreneur was captured by the paparazzi as she down the steps to the automobile while holding a cup of tea and wearing black glasses and a very dark suit. Courtney had really messy hair, and her outfit highlighted all of her shortcomings.

Many people have also noted that the American star’s visage appears radically different. Deep wrinkles, increased pores, and a bloated face shape are already present in Courtney. It seems that, in contrast to her sisters, Kardashian likes to age organically and survives solely on the network’s filters.

Fans were surprised to see the TV actress in this appearance because Courtney normally has a distinct appearance. How awfully ugly she is; what’s wrong with her face? Internet users asked questions like, “Why such wrinkles and pores? “, “How awful she really looks,” “Natural beauty,” and “I did not expect to see her in this form.”

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