The teacher refused an ugly son in the hospital, what happened to the child years later

She literally flew with joy when she arrived to the school where she worked. My husband, my parents, my mother, and my oldest sister were all content.

Irina Mikhailovna visited the maternity hospital when it was time to give birth. However, only a woman emerged from it. All due to the young boy’s harelip at birth. The young mother sent Sasha a letter indicating her refusal because she felt unprepared to care for a child with special needs.

The Rostov area’s Baby’s House received the boy. Potential parents steered clear of the infant because, like the biological mother, they were put off by his distinctive appearance. But Sasha was perfect in every other way, especially cognitively.

Tatiana Sorokina’s visit to the Baby’s House had a profound impact on Sasha’s life. The girl quickly saw the youngster and his unfortunate friend, Vova, who had also been sent to a boarding school due to a hare lip.Vova and Sasha were both in their homes. They swiftly had their features removed with the aid of surgeons. Both turned out to be fantastic men. But Sasha was unable to abandon his desire to see his biological mother.

Irina Mikhailovna simply wasn’t as excited about it. She said that she only had a daughter named Lena who was born after Sasha, refused to speak to the young man, and hid behind locked doors. The young man found it challenging to accept this response. But in the end, he gave up and is now content to live with his true family.

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