“I Was a Drunkard!”: How Has Chandler From “Friends” Changed Over The Years?

Actor Matthew Perry recently shared his battles with addiction and admitted that he had been drinking for a long time. He acknowledged having spent more than $14 million on his battle against addiction. Unfortunately, his look today shows the effects of his battles with substance usage, as the once-young and charming Chandler from Friends appears much older and heavier.


Fans of Perry, who really worry about their favorite actor, have grown more concerned about his health. Perry, who is only 53 years old, appears older than he really is.

On his most recent images, numerous comments express dissatisfaction and pity for his altered appearance. Some people acknowledge that his prior addiction may have had an impact on his present condition.

While it’s crucial to keep in mind that everyone ages naturally, it is clear that Perry’s journey has had a noticeable impact on his appearance. Fans express regret that his formerly bright career seems to have changed directions.

Seeing someone we respect go through bad circumstances is never easy. We can wish Matthew Perry the best and support him as he pursues his personal goals by wishing him luck.

How do you feel about the actor’s looks?

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