Man decides to take his own life – then he realizes what’s in his dog’s mouth

Geo hurried to chew on the noose as soon as he saw it because he immediately sensed something was amiss. The similar event repeated itself a few times, and when Byron noticed the rope in the dog’s jaws, he decided against killing himself. He regained his composure and gave Geo such a tight hug that everything made sense once more.

Sadly, Geo soon received a diagnosis of an incurable, non-operable brain tumor. That meant he hadn’t got much time, so his father made the best of his remaining time on Earth. Geo died in his father’s arms just two months after receiving the heartbreaking prognosis.

Although Geo is no longer with us, his father keeps his memory alive by reminding everyone how the devoted dog saved his life. This tale is a particular ode to a remarkable dog who changed the world. Geo, may you rest in peace and know that we will never forget you.

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