A mom was convicted for breastfeeding her child at the age of 5

Babies older than six months are typically weaned by their mothers.

A mum blogger from the UK who is 29 years old disagrees with this idea.

For as long as possible, she believes that breastfeeding should be practiced.

The oldest of Sophie Mei Lan’s two daughters, who are both daughters, is five years old, and the youngest is just two.

The daughters are still breastfed by Sophie despite their advanced age.

The mother thinks that her children’s health will greatly benefit from this.

Additionally, Sophie has regularly bragged about how she manages to save hundreds of pounds annually on baby food thanks to breastfeeding.

A remarkable mother feeds her daughters on a particular timetable.

The youngest child consumes milk at least eight times daily, while the oldest child only “gets” to her mother’s breast in the late afternoon, just before night.

A young mother once made an appearance on a well-known TV show, where she was subjected to severe criticism from other viewers.

Other mothers do not share Sophie’s convictions.

Those who condemn a woman think that girls’ physical and mental health would suffer if they breastfeed for an extended period of time.

Such claims, however, have not been supported by science.

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