Bellucci’s golden hair looks like this after experimenting with a new hue!

Italian beauty Monica Bellucci is known for having thick, dark hair.

Despite it being impossible to imagine Monica Bellucci without her trademark black hair, she enjoys trying new things, especially those that are directly related to her area of work.

In the movie “The Girl in the Pond,” Bellucci played the title role, who was supposed to be a redhead.

Because she doesn’t look any worse as a blonde than she did as a brunette, don’t infer that she photoshopped; instead, she put on a blonde prosthesis.

The portrayal quickly became more youthful and dynamic, and Monica received a barrage of poems and compliments on her work.

Bellucci claims that until her hair is black, she does not find herself attractive.

We are aware that it is far more difficult to modify something after you get used to it.

She undoubtedly has a beautiful and alluring appearance.

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