On “Carol Burnett,” Don Rickles and Harvey Korman can’t stop laughing

The “The Shoe Business” sketch from “The Carol Burnett Show” features Don Rickles yelling at a woman to leave his business. He tells her, “You don’t need a shoe store.” You need to employ a blacksmith. Harvey Korman, who portrays the business owner, threatens to fire Don. Rickles pledges to be more nice, and Korman gives him one more chance.

When the evil persona played by Nanette Fabray enters, Don begins to experience problems. She requires the cost-effective bunny shoes. She rejects Wear despite his best efforts to sell her the item. She requests evening shoes before telling Don a very boring anecdote that drives him crazy.

She said, “You don’t have to quantify me.” I’m a five triple-A. Don ascends a step stool in search of the ideal pair. She remarks on Don’s top head’s thinning glance. She chooses to wear a burgundy dress even though she would have like to wear the shoes he brought.

What colors match with burgundy, she asked? He shouts back indignantly, “Cheddar!” The audience starts laughing. He maintains composure while acting as though he will keep her despite her good intentions. Wear looks to be unable to remove the lady’s old shoe without falling off the stool, but he eventually succeeds in doing so.

According to wear, the last time you wore a five triple-A woman was when she was donning baby booties! She replies, “I always end up with little feet. Miniature feet? asks Don. When was the last time I saw a foot like yours with a bear attached? The confrontation escalates to a terrible level, and Don yells and rants as she leaves the business. He is actually yelling when his chief Harvey Korman comes up from behind him and strikes at him.

Wear snaps off the bloom of Korman’s coat. “Savage!” exclaims Korman. Don is surprised by this, and the two guys break character to start giggling. Wear queries, “Where does it say he has the line, Savage.”

When they are laughing, they cannot turn to face the viewers or the camera. The crowd enjoys watching the two men drive each other wild with their antics. These vital minutes are what made The Carol Burnett Show so unique!

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