The couple’s “Honky Tonk” dance has been viewed and appreciated by more than 11.8 million people

You know you’re going to have a wonderful time when West Coast Swing and country music are mixed together.
Excellent dancing is performed by Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle to the song “Honky Tonk Women” by Travis Tritt. These two experts know how to shake it on the dance floor, so the entire crowd was on their feet the entire time they performed. Have you ever seen a gathering of individuals dance more energetically?

Jason Colacino learned how to line dance while growing up in the country, and it has since become entrenched in him.
He persisted in learning Argentine tango, swing, salsa, jazz, ballet, and ballroom. According to the information on his website, “his success produced a significant demand for his talents, allowing him to teach, choreograph, compete, perform, and judge throughout the world.”

Katie Boyle had been Jason’s dance partner for years. Katie hasn’t stopped dancing since she started at the age of two. She is well known for her talent in creating ballroom dance routines. On the dance floor, Jason and Katie made the ideal couple.

Over eleven million people have viewed this dance on YouTube despite though the video quality suggests that it happened in the past.
It takes multiple viewings to really appreciate how difficult Jason and Katie’s dance moves are due to their sophisticated complexity. It’s challenging to comprehend how intricately they dance since they move so easily. The movements of these two go hand in hand.

For a swing dance, Katie and Jason are ready for the honky-tonk section. The fact that they are both wearing denim on the dance floor sets the tone for their country music dance. And they have the biggest smiles. After putting in a lot of effort to be ready for this dance, these two are now ready to have a wonderful time.Because Jason and Katie have been friends for a time, it is clear that they trust one another.
Katie was in the air or very close to the ground for a large portion of the dance moves Jason and Katie performed. She can only perform such complex tasks if she has total faith in Jason. Fortunately, she did, and their dance shows the result.



Most of the time, their feet are either entirely or nearly entwined. It’s amazing to watch these dancers perform this dance with such accuracy while making it seem so simple. It’s challenging to dance like this!

The ability of Jason and Katie is amazing and delightful to witness.

At the conclusion of the dance, the audience is clapping so loudly that it gives the impression that they are watching a sporting event where their team has just scored the winning touchdown. But they earn every cheer and round of applause because their dance is the game-winning touchdown in their dancing sport. It’s a beautiful dance to see online, but seeing it live must have been even more incredible.

At the age of 31, Jason Colacino passed away in 2009 from pneumonia and heart failure. According to his obituary

The swing and tango dancing world, which regarded him as one of the most accomplished dancers to ever grace the floor, will also feel the loss of his passing.

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