Two young dancer siblings compete against one another on America’s Got Talent

A brother and sister compete to have the best group of young dancers on America’s Got Talent. Ruby is nine years old, and D’Angelo, her older brother, is twelve.

Amanda, his partner, was dressed in a stunning green gown while D’Angelo donned a tie and suspenders. Longtime collaborator Amanda, 13, has been on stage with D’Angelo.

Jonas, who is ten years old, is Ruby’s dancing partner. Although they watch out for one another, the siblings do engage in some friendly competition.

While he hopes his sister has a positive outcome, D’Angelo warns Amanda that he also believes they will make a mistake. Ruby, on the other hand, is confident that she will outperform her brother.

Ruby and Jonas’ performances at concerts were lively and stylish. The audience cheered the young couple dancers throughout as they amazed everyone with their talent.

D’Angelo proved that he and Amanda had been together for a few more years than he and his sister had. They did not do a dance sequence. It told a story that was satirical throughout.

The judges gave both of their performances high marks. They moved on to the next round of the contest, where they will keep battling it out. Both sets of young dancers received several accolades.

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