A plumber fixed the boiler of a 91-year-old terminally ill woman and billed her $0

A plumber is currently making waves for his admirable cause: providing free plumbing repairs to the elderly and vulnerable.

Even while everyone in a community might use a little assistance from friends and neighbors, we all agree that the elderly and those with disabilities are the ones who require it the most.
Even when they need assistance, many people rarely ask for it because of concern that they will be seen as a burden.
Liverpool-born James insists that the buyer will receive “free plumbing for life.”

A plumber fixed the boiler of a 91-year-old terminally ill woman and billed  her $0

As a race, humans must take care of one another.
Despite the fact that James became well-known online as a result of his good deed, he claims that his activities were “a community effort” and declines to claim all the glory. Others might wonder what the plumber gains from all these selfless acts, and James just states that he simply enjoys doing them.
It gives me a human, humble, and slightly giddy inner feeling. This service should be made available throughout the nation. I’m not going down without a fight, he declared.
James wants to provide their services outside of Burnley, and the publicity that the viral receipt has generated could be very beneficial.
I have additional plumbers that are willing to help. James stated, “My goal is to make Depher available nationwide in every city and municipality.

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“It was a tremendous delight to read your account of James Anderson, the kind plumber who fixed an old woman’s boiler for no cost. I am 63 years old, a semi-retired plumber, and I offered either a significant discount or, if the work only took ten minutes, no fee.

Being a dad with health issues himself, my employer never gave me a problem and fully knew how much our clients valued it. So James, kudos to you for leading by example for the rest of us plumbers. Even though it can be risky at times, the elderly really value the services we provide them with. — Drury Bruce

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