“Here’s why I’m sharing my daughter’s last moments on Facebook”

Zoey was just three years old when her illness was found. She had been so active and full of life before the sickness, like so many other kids.

She was raised in a warm home.She was loving, entertaining, and happy. One day while playing, Zoey fell. She lost control of both of her hands a few weeks later.

The moment Zoey’s family became aware of anything wrong with her, they took her to the hospital.

When they arrived, they overheard something that they will never forget and that will be with them forever. The doctor informed them that their cherished baby daughter, who was so full of life and love, had DIPG, a rare and dangerous brain tumor.

“We lacked direction and didn’t know what to do. Mother Casey said, “We were informed it’s pretty basically a death sentence.

A tragedy and nightmare never to be wished upon one’s worst enemy would befall the family.

But they were able to maintain their composure and try to be strong for Zoey’s sake. Over the next two years, Zoey will go through a number of cancer treatments.

In Germany, the family discovered a radiation therapy center where Zoey flourished. She did, however, finally cease responding.

Her symptoms quickly deteriorated. Unthinkable things were about to happen. On July 4, 2018, Zoey quietly went away in her cozy American home.

Although their approaching loss was plainly awful for the family, her parents eventually realized that they might share some meaningful final moments together.

To the very end of her life, Zoey continued to spread happiness. Her parents begged her family and friends to come see them at home and see her before it was too late.

Her mother bravely made the decision to post the family’s final moment on Facebook today.

“I shared it because, even though it’s a painful moment, it’s a beautiful moment in our eyes,” said Casey.

Photographs show parents cradling their beloved daughter. They had the family dog with them and were sitting on the couch. All day long, they had been singing Disney tunes.

A Harry Potter movie was broadcast on television. Zoey then mysteriously disappeared in the midst of the calm and tranquillity. In the middle of the movie, Zoey’s heart stopped beating.

I had observed a few families sharing special experiences, so at first I didn’t plan to share mine.But I had the thinking, “I want that kind of picture taken.” I want to save those memories so I can recall them long after my brain is no longer functional,” she said.

On the Facebook page Zoey’s Light, the family wants to spread the hope and light that Zoey provided to the world in the years before she passed away. They want Zoey to be a shining example of how people can truly and passionately love one another, one ordinary day at a time.

Casey and Ben, you two have always been the best parents. My requests will never stop. Today, Zoey is an angel guarding us all.

Peace be with you, dear Zoey.

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