In less than a year, an unmarried couple who had never had children went from being childless to having five children

God often finds a way to reassure us that not everything is lost when we feel like all hope is lost.

It was all about having kids for Sarah and Andy Justice, a couple from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Not that they weren’t sufficient for one another, but one of their greatest aspirations was to become parents. Sadly, they made numerous unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant before deciding to adopt.

The couple was introduced through the adoption agency to a pregnant woman who was unable to care for her child and intended to place it for adoption when it was born. She had Sarah and Andy by her side the entire time she was pregnant, and they even went with her to the doctor’s appointments.

One day, during a routine check-up, they discovered something that really shocked them. Three babies, not one, were within the mother. The Justices were about to become parents to three children almost immediately.

For one family, though, there was a lot more to come.

Sarah and Andy were overjoyed to welcome Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth into the world. The triplets were born early and required a short stay in the NICU, but they quickly adjusted and were sent home.

Sarah’s pregnancy was discovered by the couple only a few weeks after the adoption. She was a twin mother. They were now welcoming two more babies into their lives after being unable to conceive.

Abigail and Andrew’s twin birth about 8 months later made the house quite crowded.

The road to becoming a parent, however, was far from over. After giving birth to a single kid this time, Sarah became pregnant once more a year later, giving her and her husband a total of six children.

The family was invited to tell their experience on the Today Show in 2014.When their kids were still infants, according to Andy, they went through about 300 diapers in a single week.

“Once you change one diaper, you have to start all over again.” But despite the difficulties, they have no regrets. Sarah stated, “We absolutely enjoy having these kids.

They certainly make a lovely family.

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