Gary Burghoff left his role as Radar on M*A*S*H to be a daddy, a role he says is more important than money or fame

Actor Gary Burghoff won over fans when he was cast as Radar, a recently drafted 18-year-old who arrived with his teddy bear and quickly transformed into everyone’s friend, in the popular series M*A*S*H.

He received numerous prizes throughout his time on the program, which aided in his personal branding. Fans were devastated when he made the decision to leave the show at one time because he believed he wasn’t being given his dues.

The reasons behind Gary’s decision to end M*A*S*H, though, appear to be more significant. The director of the television show claimed that Gary was having issues with Janet Gayle, his wife at the time who he wed in 1971. On July 20, 1975, the couple welcomed their daughter Gena.

Producers made Gary a $4 million return offer two days after he left the program in 1979, making him the highest paid actor at the time if he accepted. Gary declined. He made the choice to spend time with his family and old friends instead.

Gary, who recently turned 80, wed Elizabeth Bolstrom, his second wife, in 1985. Miles and Jordan were the couple’s two children; Miles recently became a father, making Gary a grandfather for the first time in his life.

On March 23, 2023, Miles and his wife welcomed a girl into the world. The excited father shared an Instagram picture of his very pregnant wife holding her large baby bump to reveal their pregnancy. After the baby was born, Miles shared lovely pictures of his wife and daughter on social media. He might be seen cradling the infant on one of them. Rylee Elisabeth Burghoff was her name, and he reported that he had caught “the best 8-pounder” of his life.


Gary has a close relationship with his son Miles. Although Miles didn’t take after his father in the acting department, he does share his love of fishing. What’s more, with his father’s assistance and encouragement, whom he refers to as his “mentor and partner” in fishing, a sport they both cherished, Miles pursued a professional fishing career.

When Gary received the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series in 1977, he was unable to attend because he was out fishing, which shows how important fishing is to these two.The celebrity humorously remarked, “It was my lifetime moment, and I wasn’t there.


Gary participated in a video and donated to the GoFundMe campaign for folks whose lives were affected by the California fires almost four years ago. One of his followers immediately commented, stating, “OMG, I remember him from when I was a young child watching Mash. He still looks and speaks the same. One person said, “Good to see you Mr. Burghoff, I’m donating not only because there is a need, but also because I feel I owe you something. I grew up watching MASH and admired your work. Right now, my wife and I are watching it on Netflix once more. You made me feel, think, and laugh, and I really enjoyed it. Jordan, I appreciate you posting this.

We just have the best wishes for Gary in life.

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