Only 89 squares were used to construct the house, but wait till you see the inside.

Luke Thiull, 13, was not your normal adolescent; most kids his age are preoccupied with things other than building buildings, but Luke, from Iowa, is unlike any other school-going child you have ever seen!

Come and take a look at this talented young man’s proactive creation of his very own miniature paradise in his own home, which is located in his parents’ backyard. The project cost him about $1,500 USD.

In a time when young people have access to smart phones, ipads, and cutting-edge gaming computers and systems, it is amazing that this daring teen is doing what he is. He made the decision to bust himself more “traditionally.”

On his YouTube channel, he goes into great detail about why he wanted to build a little house for himself and how his boredom motivated him to do it.

After giving his plan a lot of thought, deliberation, and investigation, Luke had a fairly clear notion of how it would play out.

He mows lawns, runs online fundraisers, takes on odd jobs for people, and generally does anything he can to get money. It took him approximately a year to collect the money and materials needed to complete the work on the house.

In a sort of trade-for-trade arrangement, Luke’s friend who knew how to install electrical systems assisted him by helping Luke clear out his entire garage.

Luke used a lot of leftovers from his grandma’s house and roughly 75% recycled materials for his project; his uncle’s buddy even gave him the front door!

The tiny house has electricity but no plumbing, so there isn’t a toilet, sink, or shower yet. It is roughly 89 square feet in size and is a full 10 feet long by about 5 12 feet wide.

Says Luke:

“The minimalism was nice,”

“And I wanted a house without a huge mortgage,” she continued.

Luke has created numerous brief videos to upload on YouTube in which he tells us about his project, the many individuals who are interested in it, and his inspiration for doing it.

Luke’s parents gave him a lot of assistance with the building and the money, but dad Greg made sure that Luke would cover the majority of the costs on his own.

Says Greg

A child had the opportunity to engage in activities other than video games or sports.

It imparts lessons for living.

The home offers everything a youngster could want in a place to unwind and have his own space. It features a microwave, TV, and a loft with a bed, as well as a BBQ in the backyard.

After school, Luke works carefully on his assignments in his little home, where he also occasionally gets to sleep at night.

For the moment when he wants to start college, Luke already has plans and ambitions of building another house. He also hopes to inspire others by doing so.

He stated:

I want to demonstrate to students that they can still build at this age.

Check out the project below:

Luke’s story serves as an example of what a young person can do when they have a clear objective, a strong work ethic, and of course a little help from their parents.

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