“I love her just like this.” Pierce Brosnan startled admirers by posting a photo of his pregnant wife.

The well-known actor is already 68 years old, which is hard to comprehend! Pierce Brosnan appears to be in fantastic physical shape in recent images. By the way, Pierce doesn’t try to hide the fact that he is a one-woman man.

In 2001, the actor and the beauty Keeley formally began dating, and they have been together ever since. Supporters claim that in the past 20 years, Pierce’s wife has undergone significant change.

The comment area of the fat Keeley photo is regularly debated. The reply from Pierce is brief: “I love her like this.” One says, “Beautiful couple.” One person remarks, “What a beautiful example, the exception to the rule.

“Good job, Pierce,” “A true one-liner,” the author calls it. On the most recent image of Pierce and Keeley together, one of the couple’s fans said, “I wish I had Pierce like that.”

What do you believe?

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