No one knows why 13 trucks are blocking the highway, when the truth is revealed, tears flow

When we read or hear about kind and selfless individuals, life gets better. Even while it might seem like empathy is disappearing altogether, there are still those who are always willing to provide a hand.

Everyone was perplexed and stunned by what was occurring on the highway beneath an overpass on Interstate 696 in Huntington Woods, Michigan.

People who were traveling down this route encountered a traffic jam, but when they realized why 13 trailer trucks had been lined up and were blocking the road without moving one inch, they realized the wait had been worthwhile.

After State Trooper Michael Shaw received a call about a person planning to jump off a bridge as suicide, the truck drivers rushed to offer assistance. Shaw, a very intelligent man, immediately had a fantastic plan. However, in order to implement it, he needed some additional assistance, so he hurriedly called a traffic officer and requested that he reroute the traffic.

Each and every truck driver was eager to help.

The trucks parked under the bridge covered the whole space beneath it, preventing the man from jumping directly to the earth and preventing any catastrophic injuries in the event that officials and professionals were unsuccessful in getting the man to change his mind.

Fortunately, this tale had a nice finish because the man was hauled off the bridge and given psychiatric assistance after four exhausting hours.

The truck drivers were always willing to assist, even if it meant having to wait a long time.

We are grateful that there are still kindhearted individuals like these drivers in the world.

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