Safety camera videos daring youngster attempting to elude three men in a vehicle who were pursuing him

Ten-year-old Grayden was on his way home when several random people tried to entice him into their automobile. The door was secured and the car was starting to reverse as he hurried to his front porch.
The residence of a family was directly in the path of this disaster.
But a major calamity was immediately averted thanks to the quick thinking and awareness of one child.

However, one night, his voyage turned dangerous.

Three men, all strangers, were seated in a white automobile. Grayden was being pursued as he returned to his house.


A brave young man is seen on a security camera attempting to escape as three men chase him in a car.
They said, “Hi,” and I started to move faster right away, Grayden told FOX 13. We have candy, so they told us to sit in the rear.

They tried to talk Grayden into coming with them.

Grayden moved quickly. He understood the seriousness of the situation. Instead of confronting the men, he hurried down the street to get to their house.

Grayden’s directions were being attempted to be followed while the car continued to move. He ran to their porch, hoping to finally get away from the horrible occurrence.

The car passed the house before coming to a stop nearby.

In the horrifying security footage, Grayden can be seen glancing and craned his neck to watch what the males were doing.

They may have been waiting for someone to come and help the child as they were parked a few feet from the house.

But as Grayden turned the knob, he saw that the door was locked.

The back lights of the automobile came on.

Immediately, Grayden moved to the side of the walkway where their manicured grass was surrounded by rocks. The boy screamed, “Mom! Mom!” Move aside! Earlier than screaming “Get away!” and threatening to throw pebbles at the odd car.

Grayden ran for the neighbor’s house as soon as the opportunity arose. The door was thankfully wide open. He barged in and closed the door after him.

After watching the car pull into the driveway of a different neighbor, he continued to stand there, looking to be watching the kid.

After the crisis was over, the family was traumatized.

Click play on the video below to see the eerie movie for yourself.

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