CELEBRITY Bride secretly plans touching tribute for her deaf groom – leaves him in tears

There is just no greater time than a wedding to declare your love for another person.

The marriage of two connected souls is by definition a once-in-a-lifetime event, and individuals typically go to great efforts to make sure their special day is as memorable as possible.

Now, even though we’re sure you all had wonderful wedding days (if you’re married), we felt compelled to highlight one woman and what she did to express her ardent love for her spouse.

Living in Caringbah, Australia, Liz Shoesmith and her husband Scott converse with one another through sign language. Since Scott is deaf, they had a few obstacles to overcome on the day of their wedding.

Naturally, the couple continued to organize every last detail so that they and their guests could have the ideal day. With the exception of one thing, which Liz had planned as a surprise for her future husband, they completed everything all together.

When the big day arrived, Liz didn’t go up to the altar with Scott; instead, she stood at the end of the aisle. Don’t worry though; there were no last-minute jitters involved.

In actuality, far from it. Liz was preparing for her performance. Liz was wearing a stunning white dress adorned with silver designs as Christina Perri’s song “A Thousand Years” was playing in the background.

Liz signed the lyrics for her husband when they arrived. She had practiced for this for some time, and it showed in every gesture, which was executed with definite grace.

Scott’s breath was stolen away as well. He started crying as his lovely bride showed him how much she loved him in the most appropriate manner.

“I won’t lie, I was terrified before walking into the ceremony,” Liz admitted to Love What Matters. But when I stared into his eyes, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, and the two of us shared a magical moment. He managed to maintain his composure for a brief moment before sobbing through the entire song. He has viewed the movie a hundred times, and each time, he breaks down in tears.

Liz joined Scott at the altar after her performance, and Scott led the gathering family members in praising his brilliant wife.

Scott may not be able to hear the world like others can, but he will always remember Liz’s spectacular.

We wish Liz and Scott a lifetime of bliss in their marriage. Share this story on Facebook if you agree!

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