Dad talked to his daughter for 9 months: She recognized him immediately after birth

Every parent’s first encounter with their child is a special and joyful occasion. Particularly if it occurs for the first time ever in your life! A Brazilian couple recently had such an incident, but it was made much more remarkable by the peculiar response of their new baby.

Baby Antonella’s first smile appeared for her parents only a few minutes after birth! And it turns out that there was a cause for this: Flavio Dantas, the baby girl’s father, had been conversing with her nonstop when Antonella was still inside her mother.

Every day as he left for work, the man spoke kindly to his daughter. Tarsila, the girl’s mother, started to observe that the girl starts acting more engaged when she heard her husband’s voice. The mother was aware that their child could recognize sounds, and this was proved as soon as the baby was born!

Flavio spoke to his infant daughter, who gave him the sweetest smile in the world in response. The dad acknowledged that he was unable to adequately express his sentiments in response to his daughter’s smile. They are extremely connected and can still sense each other even though they are miles apart. The father and daughter are showing each other their undying affection.

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