Once my mother-in-law came to us, announcing that she would stay with us, and what I was afraid of came true.

I inherited a home in the country from my grandma. We made the decision to use it as our summer cottage. The house is really cozy, and the lovely garden lets us spend the weekends away from the bustle of the city. The cottage is beloved by our kids as well. They look forward to getting out of the city on the weekends to run barefoot on the lush grass.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law’s three children, who range in age from 9 to 13, came to visit us at the cottage this summer. Unannounced and beaming, they announced their intention to stay for the duration of the holiday as they arrived. I didn’t mind at first because the house is big and there is space for everyone. My husband and I had no idea that we would be counting down the days until the trip was over. The garden is the first thing.

My spouse and I were left to handle everything. No one who visited us this summer volunteered to assist us. I requested my husband to speak to his relatives and let them know that they were staying in the cottage that I legally and rightly own for the entire summer and did not even make an effort to help.

They muttered something after he spoke to them, and the problem was forgotten. Our oldest son’s impatience was the tipping point. He was sick of my mother-in-law dictating how I should do things.

“Grandma, I believe you’re managing this incorrectly. Despite the fact that Mom works here from sunrise till night, you’ve treated it like a resort. Everyone, especially mom, wants to unwind in this place. What kind of an example are you setting for the grandchildren when you could be helping her instead of unwinding? A major commotion was started by my in-laws’ mother and sister. They began hastily collecting their belongings, but before they left, they vowed to return the next summer and added, “Maybe your son will have some sense by then.”

I Even though I didn’t object, my husband made the final decision: “No one will be serving anyone here. Visit a sanatorium if you wish to unwind. We were able to breathe freely after that. Since then, we haven’t heard from them again. A huge relief!

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