She dared to marry a single father of six children. The woman says that she is happy now, but the unexpected happened.

Anton became the father of a big family a few years ago. He previously had a wife and three children, making up a full family. An scan during their fourth pregnancy indicated they were expecting triplets.

This joyous occasion was overshadowed, nevertheless, by his wife’s cancer diagnosis in the final weeks of her pregnancy. She battled this dreadful illness after the birth of the kids, but sadly, the cancer won, leaving Anton without help.

The family’s tale drew the media’s interest, and a piece was written about it. After it was shown, Anton started to get a lot of letters and messages from kind women who were there for him.

However, one message in particular moved Anton. After some time of letter-writing, he and Lyudmila decided to meet. When Anton and his kids arrived, his new partner got along with them right away.

They developed romantic sentiments as a result of their friendship, and they eventually got married. Despite the fact that Lyudmila already had a son from a previous marriage, the idea of having a large family didn’t terrify her.

Of course, Lyudmila is honest about how challenging it was at first. She was worn out and carrying a heavy burden. Almost usually sharing responsibilities, Anton was by her side and supporting her. They eventually mastered overcoming difficulties they faced every day.

More intriguingly, they eventually adopted a boy and a girl who were in foster care as a result of challenging familial circumstances. The kids adapted to their new family very fast.

Anton and Lyudmila are very content; they have a sizable, cohesive family, and they will soon be relocating into a spacious home.

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