The woman gave birth to quadruplets, a copy of each other: What girls look like after 14 years

Multiple births are not very typical. Statistics indicate that having twins is only 2% likely. Quadruplets, on the other hand, are estimated to occur in one case in many tens of millions.However, miracles do occur. When Julia had her first ultrasound 14 years ago, it was discovered that she was carrying four embryos at once.

Due to the fact that the infants formed in the same placenta, the situation was highly complex, and no one could provide sufficient assurances that they would all be born healthy. Even the option to end the pregnancy was presented to the woman. She flatly refused, though.

Following a caesarean section, it was discovered that all the girls were healthy, with the exception of two who had very low weights but immediately gained it back.Although Julia gave birth to quadruplets, it was their striking similarity to one another that caught everyone off guard. With age, nothing has changed. The girls were perplexed all the time and still are.

People in the area are often curious about the unique family, examining the daughters, and looking for differences. which are quite rare, by the way. Even their eyeglasses are the same.

Girls are content with the current situation because it now benefits them to be famous. Numerous apparel companies have already expressed interest in working with the sisters.

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