This mother is a real heroine”. he was teased at school, but he went to school and the unexpected happened

It wasn’t long ago that Oksana Davletova’s tough life circumstances came to light. The young mom rose to fame for raising three kids with cerebral palsy, a difficult diagnosis.

When Oksana was 20 years old, she got married. Her spouse was happy, and they had big family dreams, but they were having some fertility issues. The couple visited a clinic to treat the problem, when they were shown twins during an ultrasound. Their happiness knew no bounds.

However, a trouble-free pregnancy abruptly ended in an early delivery. Unfortunately, Oksana was in a village when her contractions started, unable to get the required medical care for her and her newborns. Only three days later was she transported to the hospital in Ufa.

The kids didn’t get enough oxygen during this time, and the medics thought it was too late to save them. they turned to artificial respiration as a result. Semyon and Kirill, Oksana’s kids, both lived, although they also had many acquired ailments as a result of their early and challenging births, including cerebral palsy. While Oksana’s husband constantly stood by her side, he made vain attempts to improve the boys’ health.

The couple eventually gave orphanage adoption of a girl significant thought. But at some point, Oksana made the choice to get pregnant in the hopes that everything would work out this time. There were no difficulties with the pregnancy, and everything appeared to be proceeding smoothly. Oksana adhered to all of the medical professionals’ advice. Although the ultrasound results prior to delivery indicated that the infant was not in ideal health, when the boy was born, medical professionals argued that he was still in good health.

But there were issues as well, and this time they were congenital, with the couple’s youngest kid. His brain’s two hemispheres operate separately. The fact that all three of Oksana’s sons were born sickly was too much for Oksana’s husband to take, so he abandoned the family and the kids.

Oksana, though, didn’t have time to give up. She came to the realization that she was the only person in the entire world that cared about the three boys and would sacrifice anything for them. The children need to get outside every day, but because of their situation, Oksana finds it difficult to do so because they live on the seventh floor of a multi-story building. The loving mother relocates to a village house in the country with her kids for the summer.

It’s actually amazing how she manages to do everything, given all of her duties. Semyon even goes to the gym with his mother because he has more opportunities than the other kids. When Oksana goes shopping, he also assists his mother in watching over his brothers.

Oksana posts her reflections on her life and the lives of her kids on her Instagram feed. She affirms that she is confident in how things have turned out and approaches every obstacle with grace.

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