The mother gave her phone to her daughter for a few minutes. The small incident was enough to ruin her reputation…

The mother quickly regretted letting her daughter use the phone by herself. Her two-year-old managed to seriously harm her mother’s reputation by flooding her phone’s contact list with personal photos in only a few unsupervised minutes.

Emily Schmitt from Ohio had to make up to coworkers, previous customers, and even college friends she hadn’t spoken to in years. Karsin, her two-year-old, chose to play with her mother’s phone as Emily was drying her hair after a shower, and that’s how everything came to pass.

Kids are currently picking up technology skills at an alarming rate. The daughter of Emily was already aware with Snapchat and its amusement value. Karsin decided to capture some pictures of her cherished mother and share them with the contacts on her phone instead of experimenting with the filters. In fact, she made the decision to photograph her mother getting ready for work sans a towel. Schmitt was obviously unaware of this.

Emily read a colleague’s Snapchat message before leaving. It responded, “Thanks for the nudity!” The same colleague chose to call after a brief interval.

“I recently learned that this wasn’t a joke on your side, and I’m at a loss for words. She claimed that your child most likely had access to your phone.

Karsin had also been able to change the photo duration settings, so Emily had no idea what she had sent from her account. She was astonished when a coworker revealed that they had obtained a nude picture of Schmitt taken from behind.

Schmitt rapidly counted the contacts on her lists and found fifteen. There were both present and previous coworkers, as well as a guy she had a crush on in college. She sent each of them a message of apology. She was told by a former client that they had just gotten a picture of a baby’s foot.

However, there was worse to come, according to Emily, who claimed that day she wanted to die of shame. On Monday, she began working for her father’s real estate firm. He was the first to greet her, speaking out loud so that everyone in the office could hear.

The disgraced woman, on the verge of resignation, mustered the fortitude to reply with a grin. After work, she felt better and was ready to handle the issue amusingly.

Thank goodness it was Snapchat. The biggest benefit is this. The picture was never screenshotted, hence it was permanently lost. It’s a tiny consolation considering that everyone saw my butt on Sunday morning.

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