The six boys had long hair and everybody made fun of them, but what all those bullies didn’t realize was that these boys were growing their hair out for a special reason

Teaching our kids empathy is the only way we can make this planet a better place. Everything appears to come together when we show one another attention.

A very close friend of six siblings from New York, including one 10-year-old, two sets of twins, and a pair of triplets, passed away. The young man who passed away had battled cancer for some time but tragically lost the fight. His hair started falling out when he was receiving chemotherapy treatments. The siblings were heartbroken by this. They all made the decision to let their hair grow long in memory of their friend, in order to give it to those who, like their late friend, had been diagnosed with cancer. Their hearts were broken when they learned of their friend’s passing.

They made the decision to keep their scheme a secret. Even their mother didn’t understand why they all objected to getting their hair trimmed.

Sadly, the mocking from their classmates increased as their hair got longer and longer with each passing month.

The siblings were taunted and several people commented that they looked like girls. They were aware of their aim and were committed to achieving it, therefore they didn’t really care.

When it was finally time for them to donate their hair, they had gathered a total of 17 feet of hair. Amazing, isn’t it?

We are happy that such young youngsters are capable of such love and compassion.

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